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Mission Statement

It is our mission to increase student achievement in all academic areas. The primary goal and plan is to provide a rigorous, systematic, intense instructional program for reading, writing and math aligned with Florida Sunshine State Standards and Grade Level Expectations for all students within the subgroups for which are served.
A more intense program is provided for those who have been identified as “at risk” and academically challenged. With this vision in mind, Glades Academy will provide a safe, nurturing school setting that will promote emotional and social growth while developing the self confidence and academic advancements needed to become active, productive citizens.

2016-2017 “C” Grade

2017-2018 “C” Grade

2018-2019 “D” Grade

2019-2020 "No Testing Due to Covid-19"

2020-2021 "C" Grade
2021-2022 "C" Grade