Parents » Title I Program at Glades Academy Charter School

Title I Program at Glades Academy Charter School

What is Title I?
Title I is part of a federal law that grants money to select schools to:
  • help meet student's educational needs and goals,
  • provide staff with professional development, and
  • support school and family partnership
Glades Academy will enable its families to sustain and enrich the academics of their children by building stronger more supportive relations between the school and the family.  Glades Academy is committed to involving families in shared decision-making and encouraging families to become active participants in their child's education process by effectively communicating instructional goals, creating an environment that is inviting for families, and establish the school as the center of the community. 
Upcoming Meetings: 
  • Title I Meeting -October 1, 2020 @ 5PM
Upcoming Parent Trainings:
  • Literacy Night ( December 2020)  
  • FSA Night (February 2021)
  • Science Fair (May 2021)