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Board of Directors

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Emilia Fanjul


Thomas Sutterfield

Board Members

Father Raul Cardenas

Guillermo Rivera

Lillian Azqueta

Catherine McDermott



It is our mission to increase student achievement in all academic areas. The primary goal and plan is to provide a rigorous, systematic, intense instructional program for reading, writing and math aligned with Florida Sunshine State Standards and Grade Level Expectations for all students within the subgroups for which are served.
Board Meetings “2018-2019”
September 5, 2018
October 10, 2018
November 14, 2018
December 6, 2018
January 23, 2019
February 13, 2019
March 6, 2019
April 17, 2019
May 15, 2019
June 5, 2019